It’s that time of year … cold and flu season.  No one looks forward to it, but it is inevitable.  Below are some tips to help reduce the risk of getting sick:

  • Handwashing  Step up to the sink regularly and wash the germs down the drain.  Do it well to make a difference.
  • Stash Sanitizer  Keep hand sanitizer in a handy place for when soap and water are not available.  Be sure to choose a product that is at least 60% alcohol.
  • Be Hands-Off  The eyes, nose, and mouth are prime routes for germs to enter our body, so pay attention and be sure to wash your hands first if you need to touch those places.
  • Be Tidy  Use a disinfectant to wash hard surfaces such as doorknobs, phones, remote controls, and countertops.
  • Keep Your Distance  Avoid close contact with those who are ill, and avoid healthy people if you are the one sick.  Try six feet or more — experts think germs can travel that far after being sneezed or coughed into the air.
  • Don’t Sneeze Into Your Hands  Try to use a tissue or your upper sleeve if possible.

Here’s to staying healthy this season!