Happy Mother’s Day 2021!

We would like to wish all of the mothers in the Marion community a very Happy Mother’s Day! We hope that all of you get the red carpet treatment from your children today! 🙂

Happy Easter 2021!

We would like to wish everyone in the Marion community a very happy Easter this year. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

It’s Valentine’s Day 2021! Give someone in your COVID bubble a hug today! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy New Year 2021!

Wow! It’s hard to believe that it is the year 2021! We hope all of our friends and community members have a very happy and healthy 2021!

Pandemic Stress and Self-Care

Unfortunately dentists around the country have noticed an increase in cracked and broken teeth throughout 2020. Approximately 41% of American adults have reported symptoms of anxiety and depression disorders this year. This is almost a 3-fold increase from 2019. On...

Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

We are grateful for you, the fine people of Marion county! We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

Odontology — The Study of Teeth

Here are a few helpful terms and explanations for understanding the structure of your teeth: — The crown of the tooth is a the visible part. — The root anchors each tooth into the bone of the jaw. — Enamel covers the crown. — Underneath enamel...

A Good Quote

“The value of a principle is the number of things it will explain.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson