Getting children to brush their teeth can be an ongoing struggle.  As dental professionals, we try to empower parents to help their kids develop healthy dental habits.  Below are some quick tips that may make the routine a little easier.

  1.  Make It A Game.  The possibility of being victorious in a competition with mom or dad may be appealing to your child.  Try to create a game about the oral hygiene routine.
  2. Try an Electric Toothbrush.  This worked well for Dr. Danielak’s son.  He ended up brushing his teeth quite a bit longer than previously with a regular toothbrush.
  3. Let Them Pick Out Toothpaste, Floss, etc.  Most children will get excited about the small stuff.  By letting your kids pick out their own items, they may be more likely to follow through with the routine.
  4. Parents Can Brush and Floss With Them.  Many times in the office, we will have the reluctant young patient watch the parent get a teeth cleaning to see how the process works.  This can work at home too with brushing and flossing because the child will try to do the same and develop a similar routine.

Good Luck!